Sunday, March 19, 2006

flash reflection on religion and health

Another thing that interesting for me in the USA is people in everywhere try to create and live in material health. However, this doesn't keep the Americans from being religious people. Many of them believe in God and go to the churchs but actually, only small percent of these Christians are truly Christians. How the Americans can connect secular style of life with so many churhes and in general religious values I cannot understand. May be individualism help them to do this.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

the good and bad

Observing life in the USA somebody can feel that people are lost their connections with each others. Everybody in the country lives for her/himself. People are usually not interested in others. They don't care about your dresses, haircuts and manners. Of course, it does matter for somebody but in general when I compare this culture with mine I conclude that the American's life really very, very, very individualistic. People lost their sense of connect.
But there is good news in this individualism. Usually, in America you can express yourself fully if you are willing to do so. Unlike collectivistic cultures and countries where very often your life style, haircut dictated by total morality you can be whatever you want.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hi everybody,
Before writing about something let me share very important thing about me. I am an international student. might think so what? Then, let me explain that the word international student defines not only a person who go to school and think about exams, but also a human being in a different country, that sees and thinks something about the people he encounters everyday. Put it in other way, an international student's view on settled country, government and local culture differ from citizens' or indigineous peoples' view. The reason? Come know is obvious, at least by common sense.
I think as an international student and in general a person from another culture we have something to share about the USA - Uncle Sam. I'll write my thoughts, ideas, and observations about Uncle Sam.
As people's from other countries we - international students, travelers, workers, businessmen, and just green card - citizens have ideas, insights, inspirations, loves about Uncle Sam.
Let's share them. In this way, we can shape our beloved Uncle Sam. We can help at least, a few Americans to know what people think about them and their country. And we can help to each other to learn from the experiences and find people who think like us. After all, great minds think alike..:)..
I'd like to have shared, with everybody. I invite you - internationals and Americans, to write, to read and to share.
By looktaker